Having daughters has changed a lot of things in my life, but one of the main things it has changed is the way I view and talk about myself.  Not only have my girls taught me so much about loving others, but they have taught me a lot about loving myself.  Confidence, strength, and a deep love for themselves is one thing I try so hard to instill in them as well.  A big part of this is through the ways I speak about them and praise them, but also leading by example by finding beauty in others and in myself.  The more they hear positive language, the more it becomes a part of their foundation.  I hope when they get to school the would think it’s absurd that a girl couldn’t be president, a scientist, or an engineer.  I hope they know they can wear pink and play soccer, they can like princess and fire trucks all at the same time.  Whatever speaks to them, whatever is their “thing”- go for it.   Now that Liza is getting a little older, I really see her processing a lot of the messages in the books we read.  I’ve been trying to pick more books with strong female characters that will empower and inspire her.  Below are a few books we love with positive messages of confidence, persistence, self love and acceptance, and just all around “girl power.”

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