Before Annabelle came a long, Liza and I had settled into a routine after two years.  Our days were predictable, and while they  definitely came with their fair share of surprises, they mostly ran smoothly. While life is a million times better with Annabelle in it,  I am still searching for a rhythm with our new crew.  Our daily routine looks different every day, and one of the hardest things I’ve come across is finding activities all three of us can enjoy.  With summer on the horizon (re: 100 degrees outside), I’m trying to have an arsenal of activities.  Liza is quite the busy bee, and Annabelle is still a little young for a lot of activitieses- so finding something to please everyone has it’s challenges.  I also want to involve Annabelle in our play because I feel so often she is just “along for the ride.” So, this post is two fold really… first, I’m going to share with you what I’ve come up with so far.  Second, pretty please share your ideas with me!

  1.  Find a class where younger siblings can go for free.  After doing a little research,  I have found a few local classes for Liza where Annabelle can go for free.  She’s loved going to Music Together with sister!
  2. Flashlight tag.  We go in the nursery with flashlights and “tag” each other… which pretty much just involves us playing with them.  It’s so fun for Liza, and tracking the lights is great for Annabelle’s development.
  3. Up side down coloring.  I tape some craft paper on the bottom of the table while Liza lays underneath (next to Annabelle) and colors.  This way Annabelle can watch her while we talk about colors, shapes, etc.
  4. Sensory box–  Liza will closer her eyes, pull something out of the box, and try to guess what it is.  After she’s finished we hand it to Annabelle (or rub it across her cheeks/hands) and describe it to her.
  5. Nature Walks– We go on a lot of nature walks.  I put Annabelle in the sling or stroller, and Liza walks along side of me collecting little treasures in her basket.

(Also, these pictures were from when Liza dressed up for cowboy day… two days after the real cowboy day.  But she didn’t care, and it was basically the best day of her life if you can’t tell from the pictures.  So I’m going to skip filing under “mom fail”)

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