Friends often ask me for baby registry advice, and I even have a detailed spreadsheet I send out with all of my tried and true items (see it here and here).  I feel like through two girls and lots of trial and error,  I had found the best of the best in nearly every category.  One thing I had struggled with though was finding a reliable baby monitor.  We had one that would work for a while, and then would inevitably break.  After having it replaced four times (four!) and dealing with terrible customer service in the process- I gave up and did without for a while.  When I was pregnant with Annabelle I began to research and research all the options out there and decided to try out what Angelcare had to offer this time around. Not only has this monitor been reliable, but it’s become one of my favorite baby items!  I call it a must have for any mom.

Angelcare offers a variety of different models at various price points, but I decided on the AC417, one of their movement monitors.  Not only can you watch your baby on the touch screen parent unit, but a sensor will actually tell you if your baby quits moving.  Talk about peace of mind!  All you do is place the wireless sensor board under your baby’s mattress and you will be alerted if there is no movement after 20 seconds.  This is actually the only wireless movement sensor pad on the market.  It’s so nice being able to work at home while she’s napping without popping in every so often to make sure she’s ok.  A few other features I love are the temperature display which shoes on the camera in the room and on the parent unit.  It turns red if it’s too hot and blue if it’s too cold so you can easily monitor you little one’s sleeping environment.  The display screen is large, very clear, and also has night vision display.  It also has two way talk so you can communicate with older babies  without having to go in (a simple “go to sleep now love!” does wonders) or check in with a spouse in the nursery.  We use this feature a lot when one of us is feeding Annabelle and we think we will need another bottle heated up.

Not only will you love this Angelcare monitor with your newborn, but it grows with your family.  You can link up to four cameras on the monitor, and we plan on getting a second for Liza’s room.  Also you can use the monitor without the sensor pad for those early toddles years.  This monitor goes above and beyond while coming in at a good price point.  You’re sure to love the quality and sleep soundly knowing your little angel is safely asleep in the other room.  You can click here to get yours at Target.

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photos by M.A.S Photography

Created in collaboration with Angelcare Baby || All thoughts and opinions are my own


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