So I was that crazy lady who was moving into a new house seven months pregnant. Anyone who knows me knows that I want something done yesterday, and it needs to be perfect.  Not asking too much, right?  After getting settled into our new house (which we love) exactly two months before the due date, Annabelle’s nursery was priority numero uno.  I had mom guilt that she was born at such a chaotic time in our lives and was getting all second-hand clothes and toys, so I wanted to make sure her nursery was special.

I was so overwhelmed with the move and spending as much time with Liza as I could before baby arrived, I hadn’t really put too much thought into the nursery.  All I knew was I wanted it white, bright, happy, and no pink.  I fell in love with this Lulie Wallace fabric after my friend Sally- who has a great eye for interiors and pretty much anything else- turned me onto her beautiful collection, and I went from there.  I love the blue is super soft with a hint of grey and the floral isn’t overly feminine or juvenile.  I also loved this playful  print, and had it framed with an oversized matting with Framed and Matted.  They make framing a breeze!

A big concern was making the nursery as non-toxic as possible.  In both of the girls rooms I use an air purifyer which also doubles as a sound machine.  Furniture can release a lot of toxins into the air, which isn’t good for anyone but especially developing lungs.  When it comes to smart and safe kids furniture, I’m a huge fan of anything Babyletto.  Liza had one of their cribs, so I new I wanted to use one of theirs in Annabelle’s room as well. All of their furniture and factories are eco-friendly.  Their designs are sleek and modern, and their pieces are made with only the best and safest materials.  All of their cribs are constructed with sustainable New Zeeland Pine, a nontoxic finish and are delivered in recycled packaging.  I love the round shape of the Hula crib, and it ended up being such a great choice because Annabelle is a very active sleeper and the curved edges are pretty forgiving.  We also have the Babyletto crib sheet and mattress and couldnt be happier.  They have zero chemical smell and have held up so well.

The custom dresser from Scout Design Studio and the glider were two pieces that were also in Liza’s nursery.  I decided to do a dresser with a changing topper on it so the girls could use the piece for years to come.  I also decided to keep the original lacquer since it was in good shape and simply added some gold hardware. I also had these acrylic  bookshelves in Liza’s nursery and adored them.  Now that she is older I have her books and eye level in her room for easy access, but these are perfect for story time in the nursery with Annabelle.

While Annabelle’s room is not completely nontoxic,  I try to make safe choices where I could.  Here are my tips for creating a safe room in your house!

  1. Go vintage- not only is recycling old pieces of furniture the sustainable option, but older furniture emits less VOCs into the air.  They also add a lot of character to your room!
  2.  Choose natural fibers- Polyester rugs and fabrics are filled with harmful toxins and chemicals.  Most fabrics are finished with a flame retardant, so it’s nice to make custom pieces with fabric of your choice when possible so you know exactly what is being used.  Try to chose organic mattresses and linens and area rugs made from natural fibers. Handmade or vintage rugs are always the best choice because they are free of glues and toxins. (*NOTE* the current rug in this room is not made of natural fibers.  It is on loan while our other rug is on backorder).
  3. Safe paint-  there are so many safe paint options other there.  My favorite options are Benjamin Moore Natura or or Aura.  When it comes to furniture, those pretty lacquer pieces can be pretty toxic.  Keep them to a minimum, or opt to keep the original finish if possible.
  4. Use an air purifier- we use air purifiers in all of our bedrooms, and if we were in our forever home I would install an air purification system in the house.  I can tell a difference in my respiratory system when forget to turn it on at night. They are great for removing dust particles in the air, which can irritate your breathing and skin.  Clean air is especially important for developing lungs and skin!

crib || crib mattress || crib sheet ||  print || frame || llama || custom dresser from Scout Design Studio || hardware || changing table topper || changing pad || changing pad cover || pom pom bin || sunburst mirrors || custom shade in  Lulie Wallace fabric  || rug || custom glider (similar style here and here ) || bookshelves || book case || vintage toys || baby monitor || Moroccan pouf || toy guitar || gold lamp || belly basket





  1. Hello Hannah, I am a crazy lady to decorate rooms. I love this white room decoration. This is looking so adorable. I am loving this pretty room. I also like the way you have decorated the room. Thanks and keep posting.

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