Let me start by saying, I am so sorry this dress is sold out.  It sold out before I even got it in the mail! It is so good, but I rounded up some that I love just as much here and here.  What I love about black and white dresses like this one, is you can usually snag some on sale at the end of summer  but they work so well for fall too.  I’m wearing sandals here because it’s still scaring 100 degrees in Dallas, and I while I love a fall look as much as the next girl I just couldn’t bing myself to wear booties.  But I love all the dresses I found paired with a chunky knit and ankle boots over the next few months.  Black and white is always chic, flattering and on trend.  While I’m obsessed with a bold monochromatic look right now,  classic black and white always wins.


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