I have been so intrigued but the Forea “Luna” facial cleanser for a while, so I was very excited when I found it under my Christmas tree this year.  I had been hesitant to pull the trigger on it, but Jennifer loved hers so much she said she had to get me one too.  After using it for the two minute cycles the first time, I was hooked.  The silicone touch points remove dead skin cells and makeup residue, and really polishes your skin, giving you that post spa glow every time you use it.   I had used the Clarisonic years ago, but I stopped using it after it started causing me to breakout. I found it to be overstimulating which was causing problems for my slightly sensitive skin.  The Luna is so gentle, and I love that the silicone is easy to clean and resistant to bacteria.

So how does the Luna work?  First you cleanse your face with any wash you like, wet the Luna, and turn it on to begin the cleansing cycle (a slight vibration).  Move the Luna over your face in a circular motion for one minute.  Rinse your face and continue your skincare routine as usual.  So easy!  You can also use the anti-aging cycle if you chose, which is super easy as well.  You just turn on the cycle, and apply the Luna to wrinkle proved pressure points for a total of one minutes.  While I cannot report on the anti-aging effects yet, it cleanses like a dream.

I love the Luna because it doesn’t require any specific products or washes, you don’t have to buy replacement heads (easy on your wallet + the environment),  it’s compact and easy to travel with, and it really works.  If you don’t want to make the initial investment, they do make the Luna mini for $99 and the Luna play for $39 which are both smaller versions of the original.


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