Growing up we always celebrated Father’s Day relaxing by the pool and enjoying some of dad’s favorite foods. Now that we have our own little family (and a new house with a pool!), I’ve loved carrying on the tradition with my girls.  Since we will be spending actual Father’s Day road tripping to Colorado, we decided to celebrate last weekend with a pool day and an afternoon treat and presents.  Walker is definitely one of those “don’t get me anything!” types, but I still always try to find him something small that he will love and use.  Here are a few of my favorite unique Father’s Day Gifts that are all under $100!

Records from Universal Music

Music is a huge part of our lives at home.  We are always playing instruments or listening to a record, so I knew I wanted to pick up a couple of records on Walker’s wish list  for Father’s Day. I went with Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Special Addition and Paul McCartney’s Flower in the Dirt. We listened to them all weekend, and Liza has become particularly found of “When I’m 64” off the Sgt Pepper album.  We’ve loved introducing the girls to some of our old favorite Beatles songs, and discovering favorites together off the Paul McCartney album which is a new one for us.  When in doubt, music is the best gift you can give dad for Father’s Day! Be sure to check out their record selection on Amazon.

Edible Arrangements: Fruit and Fire Boquet

Walker loves to grill, so this adorable Sizzling’ Grill from Edible Arrangement was perfect.  As you can see Liza was a fan of the chocolate covered fruit, and it was the perfect thing to snack on all weekend by the pool.  The fruit sits in a keepsake grill, and it contains pineapple flames, chocolate covered strawberries with orange swizzle and chocolate covered banana coals.  It’s the perfect combo of fresh fruit and chocolate! Wether your entertaining a big crowd or just laying low with dad this weekend, this Father’s Day gift is a big crowd pleaser.  I also love that they are handcrafted locally fresh everyday and delivered right to your door!  Perfect to snack on or to send to a dad you can’t see on Father’s Day.

You can order yours here, and use code BLOG6706  to get $10 off your purchase of $50 or more. (Offer valid through 6/18)

Sexy Hair: Hard Up Gel

When it comes to his hair, Walker is a less is more man.  He doesn’t like the look of product in his hair, but his hair is so think and wavy he needs something to keep it in place.  Sexy Hair Hard Up Gel is lightweight and holds all day (even through a day of swimming!).  It doesn’t flake and adds a subtle, healthy shine to dad’s hair. You can use it wet or dry depending of the type of look you want to achieve.  Walker prefers to use it dry, for a light tousled look. Pick yours up for dad here!

Arctic Cool Shirt

Anyone who knows Walker knows he is very hot natured.  All of his friends had a running joke that he would probably be fanning himself at the altar at our wedding, just cooking under those lights in his tux (didn’t happen FYI).  So living in Texas during blazing summers is not ideal for him, and finding tolerable summer clothing can be difficult.  Enter Arctic Cool- lightweight shirts that actually use your body’s sweat to keep you cool.  Arctic Cool developed Hydrofreeze X Cooling Technology for dynamic sweat wicking, dispersion, and supplemental evaporative cooling that occurs between the fabric and the skin.  Sweat activates the fabric and is initially wicked away from your skin. Hydrofreeze then disperses the moisture throughout the clothing fibers, keeping all areas equally dry. Amazing, right?  These t-shirts are breathable, light weight, comfortable and can cool your body up to 30 degrees!  So wether dad likes sweat activities or just lives in blazing heat for months out of the year, Arctic Cool is sure to be his go-to piece of clothing.  Walker loved it so much, he ordered more and picked up one for my dad!

AliveCor: Kardia Mobile

Heart health is a big focus of ours and our parents, but it can be a tough thing to monitor.  AliveCor is the maker of the FDA-cleared Kardia Mobile, a device and app-based service that provides instant analysis for detecting atrial fibrillation, the leading cause of stroke. Smaller than a credit card, Kardia Mobile allows users to take a medical-grade EKG reading anywhere in 30 seconds, which can be relayed to a doctor for instant analysis and diagnosis.  The AliveCor app is free to download, and it tracks the 5 modifiable risk factors for stroke including: heart rhythm, blood pressure, weight, physical activity and resting heart rate.  The Kardia Mobile is smaller than a credit card, and puts your health in your own hands.

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