In my opinion, your sofa is the heart and soul of your home.  It’s where we spend a lot of our time as a family or entertaining our friends.  Ever since our new Interior Define sofa arrived last month (a few weeks earlier than expected!), our house has really been coming together and feels much more like home.  Our couch arrived on one of those days where we had a handful of people in the house, who of course all showed up simultaneously 60 seconds after I got out of the shower, while I had a toddler wrapped around my leg and a newborn in my arms.  Sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen, right?  Well, our delivery could not have been smoother.  The couch arrived in several pieces, and the team of movers meticulously brought in each piece and left it on the living room floor for assembly.  After putting it together and playing “a little to the left, a little to right” with me for a few minutes, they left without a trace in under an hour after pulling up.  I almost felt like a furniture fairy godmother waved her wand in comparison to some of my previous furniture delivery experiences.

I talked about the customization process here, and it was so exciting seeing it come to life.  While I have a very particular vision when it comes to home decor, I also want to be comfortable in our house and be able to “live in it” without fear of ruining something.  Since we love entertaining friends and piling on the couch for family movie night, I needed a fabric that could withstand the occasional pizza hand or red wine spill. After putting it to the test the last few weeks. the heavy cloth in midnight blue has help up great.  I don’t think there’s a better test subject than our house- a newborn, a sticky toddler (who decided to potty train two weeks ago), and two dogs shedding their winter coats.  If this fabric can hold up in our household, it’s sure to be a great fit for you too.  While the midnight blue is great at concealing stains, I was worried about it attracting dog hair.  It really hasn’t been an issue, and when there is hair it comes right off with a lint roller.

When I had posted about designing our couch, several of you asked if I was nervous ordering a couch I had never seen or sat on in person.  The answer is yes and no.  My friend, Sally, has an Interior Define sectional I had sat on before and it was so comfortable.  It was also beautiful and very well made, so I wasn’t concerned with quality or comfort.  I was more concerned about my choices, but the couch in person turned out just how I had hoped when doing the e-design!  I went back and forth between wood and brass legs, but I am so happy with my choice.  The brass legs are stunning and not too “glamorous” at all. It’s hard to tell in the photos because we are still waiting on more furniture for the room, but the scale of the sectional is perfect. Being able to adjust the length of your sofa was one of my favorite customization options.  Adding a couple of inches makes a huge difference.

While I was mostly concerned about the design living up to my vision, at 6’1” my husband was mostly concerned with being comfortable.  With our growing family,  the addition of the chaise was huge.  One of our favorite traditions is pizza and movie Fridays,  and we have plenty of room to all stretch out with a fully belly.  One detail that may not be apparent online or in pictures is how deep the couch is. It’s actually the first thing most people comment on when they sit down!  It makes the couch extra cozy without feeling like you’re sinking into it.  A few other great details is the pretty piping and the removable cushions.  Liza loves to sit on top of the cushions or play hide and seek behind them, so love being able to give them a quick fluff and refresh.

In case you can’t already tell, we LOVE our Interior Define sofa.  We love it so much, we want you to have one too! We’ve teamed up with our friends over at Interior Define to give one of our readers $500 towards your custom sofa.

1. Visit and signup for their mailing list.
2. Browse the I/D collection and comment back on this post with your favorite configuration, fabric, and leg combination.
* Giveaway ends Wednesday, April 5.
** Interior Define will notify the winner on Thursday, April 6.
Good luck!

Created in partnership with Interior Define 

photos by M.A.S Photography

43 thoughts on “INTERIOR DEFINE SOFA + $500 GIVEAWAY

  1. My favorite would definitely be the maxwell in midnight blue with wooden legs. We are moving to a new house soon and need lots of new furniture so this company was a great discovery. Also, I have a Liza too (she’s almost 4) – I know lots of Eliza’s but not many Liza’s so it’s fun to find another one!

  2. That is a beautiful couch! I agree that a good couch is something so important to invest in and makes all the difference in your living room. My boyfriend’s family just bought a huge U shaped couch and now we are over there all the time because it doesn’t even compare to ours! I love the colour and gold detailing of your new couch. Enjoy!


  3. Your space looks amazing!! Love the brass legs, such a unique twist. My favorite sofa has to be the Rose in the classic ivory cloth with white oak legs. I recently bought my first house and have been dreaming about new furniture. Love the Interior Define concept and fingers crossed I win 🙂

  4. Love your set up! So beautiful. I’d have to go with the Ms. Chesterfield Corner Sectional in “Wheat” cross weave with “Matte Black Tapered Turned Wood”legs! Swoon 😍

  5. What a beautiful sofa!!! I haven’t seen this design before and I love it!! I think a need the same one in white.

    Your house is beautiful!!

  6. I’ve been staring st the Caitlin chaise in Oxford Blue with brass legs for quite literally 6 months. I’ll muster up the courage one day I hope.

  7. I have been looking at purchasing a sofa from Interior Define for a while now! The only thing that has been stopping me is the price. I think they have great prices, but my budget is a little lower than the sofa I am wanting. $500 would be a HUGE help. Thank you for reviewing your couch! It’s lovely. I would LOVE to get the Sloan couch with brass plated legs in the Ore fabric. Fingers crossed!

  8. Fell in love with ID! Simplicity of sight, many options for sofas & great reasonable prices, hard part is choosing which one!! But my favorite would have to be the Slone left chaise, brass legs in Quartz & Sapphire . Work took me to Chigago last week, was hoping to get to ID choose my sofa & fabric but nit enough time. Hope tgere will be a next time! Then there is the Maxwell, looks soo comfortable & cozy. Tough, tough decision I hope to make soon. Good luck to all participants in this drawing!

  9. This giveaway is perfect timing since we’ve been looking for an affordable, durable and stylish sectional! We love the Sloan
    Fabric Sofa with Right Chaise with brass legs. With a dog and baby on the way (2 months, eeek!), we’re looking at the heavy cloth fabrics. It’s been narrowed down to either Ore, Slate, or Midnight Blue. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway!

  10. Caitlin chair with brass legs! Still deciding on color but I love sapphire velvet and also the ivory or slate heavy cloth. So perfect!

  11. Love this! We close on our first home next month and have finally agreed (compromise is key haha) on navy, gray and brass/rose gold design elements. So this post and couch is exactly what we were looking for! Hadn’t even thought we could find a couch with brass legs! #win And I/D is Chicago based (previous home), another #win! I can’t decide between the Sloan corner sectional or the left chaise, but the corner sectional could seat all our guests when we entertain, which is big for us. Anyway, awesome post! Sloan in the midnight blue velvet with brass plated legs would be my choice!

  12. Found you through I/D instagram’s post. Beautiful home! I would love the Ms. Chesterfield Fabric Sofa with Left Chaise in Tin with the oiled walnut legs!

  13. I would get the Sloan (with chaise!) in the storm color, with the oiled walnut square legs. After browsing their site I’m fully, officially in love. *Heart eyes*

  14. I have been eyeing ID for so long and the Sloan! I am between the right arm chaise and corner sectional. I would love more seating but don’t want it to be too tight in our NYC apartment. The charcoal heavy cloth with brass plated sloan legs looks so dreamy!!

  15. I would love to have the Walters Fabric Sofa w/ Left Chaise in Ruby in my home! It would be such a great splash of color to go against my cloud white walls.

  16. I just bought my first home a few months ago and the Jasper Long, Deep Right Chaise Sectional in Sunset with the Natural Oak legs would look amazing in my living room.

  17. Your home is gorgeous!! I think I would like the Sloan also, maybe in the ivory with either wood or brass legs. I’m about to move and would love a pretty new couch for the space!

  18. What a gorgeous sofa! I’m looking for a smaller sofa for my upstairs den and that Sloan sofa in Narwhale grey velvet with the brass L legs is calling my name. I can hear it, “Andrea! You need me!” If one of the sleeper sofa came with brass legs, I would purchase one of those! Can’t beat awesome design AND more places to sleep guests!

  19. I’m obsessed with your living room and couch!! We are about to redecorate our living room and need a good sectional. There are wayyyy too many options but I’m loving the Sloan leather corner couch. And all the fabric colors are beautiful! Brass legs are definitely what I could choose. Actually, I would also be happy copying yournexact couch 🙂 too many great options!

  20. I have been dreaming about the Sloan in oxford blue mod velvet with the brass plated legs since I began building a house in November. I’m finally closing next week and hoping to add some Interior Define to my home!

  21. I love the Sloan left chaise sectional in the slate heavy cloth fabric with brass legs! We are in the market for a new couch and this would fit our needs perfectly!! Thank you for sharing the info!

  22. I have been looking at Interior Define for a while now trying to pick out my future sofa! I love the Sloanwith Right Chaise in the Citrine Mod Velvet and Matte Black bracket leg…and I even got my husbands sign off! 😍😍

  23. I have a large microsuede sectional (black) I bought from the Sofa Company and it looks very good after 3-4 years.
    The couch was quite pricey so I’m assuming the material is high quality because many of the complaints I’m reading do not apply to my sectional. My couch feels like velvet, is very easy to clean and retains its firm a crisp look. This was a custom build so I made sure to get extra firm cushions. I would have rather bought leather but the price was waaaaay to extreme. I’m still very pleased with the microfiber. I had a roommate that smoked a lot and not necessarily clean but you’d never be able to tell. Having a jet black couch also helps mask dirt/oils however just due to the color.

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