We celebrated Liza’s second birthday last month with a few family members, some fried chicken, and a confetti birthday cake.  We had a big party planned for her the next week, but we had to cancel it due to some family illness.  This small celebration was so sweet and easy- just what we needed after moving into our house a couple of weeks before (hence the lack of furniture).  There were no Pinterest worthy decorations or favor bags, just the people who love her celebrating two years of Liza!  Her kitchen was a huge hit, and she loved making toast for Mimi (my grandmother) and cleaning up after “cooking dinner.”  Two is such a fun age, and she is changing so much every day.  A few of my favorite things about her right now are her love of musicals, how she says “pick a up” when she wants me to hold her, how she insists on me wrapping her baby dolls up in a tight swaddle and her doting on them all day,  and when she sings her abc’s she goes “l, m, n, ooooooooooo, t.” If anyone has figured out a way to freeze time or bottle up this sweet little phase- please pass along!

on Liza: Soor Ploom shirt (from Bien Bien Shop) || Soor Ploom skirt (from Minikin) || Free Babes bow











  1. This is so sweet! We move into a new house in 4 weeks and then our daughter will turn two a week or two after our son is born 4 weeks from then so I love reading your blog! What color are your walls painted in the kitchen/living area? Your new home is beautiful!

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