If you follow along on Instagram you’ve already seen a little bit of our newest little lady, but I’d like to formally introduce you all to Annabelle Davis Hairston.  We fell in love with her the moment we saw her, and our love for her grows and grows every day.  She was born on January 27 at 12:11 pm.  I love that both of my girls were born on warm, beautiful winter days.  I had a c-section with Liza since she was breech my entire pregnancy, so I decided to do a c-section again with Annabelle.  I knew what to except, and I didn’t think the benefits outweighed the risks of trying to do a vaginal birth.  Everything went so smoothly, and apart from them taking a few minutes to clear out her lungs before I got to hold her, our hospital stay was perfect.

Everyone always asks where my girls names came from, or how we decided.  With Liza, Elizabeth and Jane were family names and we knew that was our girl name before we even knew if she was a boy or girl.  Annabelle was a little different story.  We honestly hadn’t decided on a name until a few weeks before she was born, and Liza was actually the one who named her!  Anyone who knows Liza knows she loves a good musical.  When I asked her right after we found out it was a girl what she wanted to name her, she suggested “Moon and Stars.” While I told her that was a lovely name… maybe it wasn’t the best fit.  So we brainstormed and she quickly came up with Annie Nemo, after two of her favorite movies.  While I love the name Annie, something about it didn’t feel 100% right.  My mother and sister and Walker’s mother and sister both have the middle name Ann/ Anne, so I loved the idea of incorporating that.  With Annie in the back of my head for months, we continued to throw out names and nothing stuck.  A few weeks before she was born we were sitting in bed discussing names, and it just clicked – Annabelle!  Walker wasn’t instantly in love with it like I was, but once he saw her he agreed she was our Annabelle.  Davis, is my paternal grandmother’s name (pictured below), and I loved being able to honor her.  I am lucky to have had three grandparents into adulthood, and I want my girls to know how special they are to me.

When I was pregnant with Annabelle, I was worried I wouldn’t love her as much or the same as I did Liza because I just couldn’t imagine loving another person that much- but boy was I wrong.  Honestly I didn’t feel as connected with her in the womb, partially because I was so busy with a toddler I sometimes forgot I was even pregnant!  I feared I wouldn’t be as good of a mother to her or for some reason I would experience a disconnect or depression this time around- but the second I saw her my heart doubled in size and loved her more than I could even imagine.  Things are so different the second time around.  When you’re a new mother for the first time you worry whether you’re doing things right, if they will ever sleep through the night, and if they will hit all those important milestones.  With the second (while you’re still worried about all of those things to a degree) you are a little more relaxed, and you honestly just want to freeze time.  With Liza I was always so curious what she would look like or what the next stage held. But with Annabelle I just want to live in each sweet newborn moment forever.  I cried when she outgrew her coming home outfit and hold her every second I get (as I write this with her asleep on her chest), because now I know just how fleeting these precious first months are and I want to hold on to every sweet moment of it.  Thanks for following along as  my family grows.




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