So we have a big week in our house.  I turn 30 tomorrow (insert screaming emoji) and Annabelle will be 6 months on Thursday.  We throw this phrase out a lot, but I honestly cannot believe  it.  Really where does the time go?  I’ll post a little more about turning 30 later this week, so let’s focus on this peanut’s journey half way around the sun.

Six months is a big turning point with babies.  They really start to wake up, develop a routine, and respond to the world around them.  It’s a super exciting time, but it can be difficult to enjoy this time when you’re still waking up at all of hours of the night and feeling tired the next day.  Annabelle was great sleeper as a newborn, but close to 4 months we hit a big sleep regression.  She went from sleeping 7 to 8 hour stretches to waking up every 2 to 3 hours.  She was also still taking little 40 minute catnaps during the day, not to mention the toddler who suddenly decided to climb out of her crib at the same time.  To say I was exhausted was an understatement.  Enter my secret weapon, the Zen sack.

The Zen sack by Nested Bean is lightly weighted on the chest and sides to mimic mother’s touch. The weight is made with nontoxic beads, and the whole sack is machine washable.  Within a few nights of using the sack, Annabelle was back to sleeping longer stretches at night.  She went from   2 to 3 hour stretches, to 5 hours, and eventually back to those amazing 8 hour stretches.  The weight comforts your little one as they try to fall asleep or put themselves back to sleep during the night. When we first received the sack Annabelle was sleeping on her back, but about a week later she rolled onto her tummy to sleep and has been a stomach sleeper ever since.  The great thing about the sack is its reversible, so you can turn the sack around so the weight is on baby’s back!  It also has two different sets of snaps on the shoulders so the sack can grow with your baby.  The sack itself is made with a  soft cotton and is BPA, toxin and phthalate free.  The material is a nice mid-weigh and is breathable so it can really be used year round.

We have absolutely loved this sack, and have recommended to all of our friends who are having sleepless nights.  Annabelle has always been a very active sleeper so we had to stop swaddling her very early on, but Nested Bean does offes a weighted swaddle for younger babies.  I will definitely have a few on hand early with the next baby.

Nested bean is offer all Not My Circus readers 15% off their purchase with code HANNAH15.  Be sure to let me know how much extra sleep you get with your Zen sack!



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