1. changing pad liners || 2. thermometer || 3. diapers || 4. Tuby Todd soap and lotion || 5. changing pad || 6. bath toy || 7. diaper pail || 8. Burts Bees ointment || 9. diaper cream || 10. Mrs. Meyers laundry detergent || 11. California Baby diaper wash || 12. humidifer || 13. nail trimmer || 14. Nose Frieda || 15. 4 Moms bath tub || 16. washcloths || 17. wipe warmer || 18. brush set || 19. wipes || 20. hooded towel 

BATHING: Bath time has been a favorite in our house since day one.  Liza took her first bath in our  4 Moms bath tub and we used it daily (sometimes more) until she outgrew it. There is a temperature gage and your baby sits in more water than the with other infant tubs which seems much more comfortable and less chilly. Hooded towels  make drying newborns off easy.  I love the ones by Pehr Designs with the sweet prints.  When it comes to natural soaps and lotions, we’ve tried them all and my favorites are Tuby Todd and Beauty Counter.  Everything they make smells amazing and works great.

DIAPERING: One thing I remember about having a newborn is being shocked by how many diapers we went through.  I know people warn you, but honestly it’s unreal.  I think our record was 8 diapers in ten minutes.  That being said, it’s important to use a safe and efficient diaper on your little one.  I absolutely love the Bamboo Nature diapers, but the Earth’s Bests ones are great too and and a little less expensive.  We used the Ubi diaper pail with Liza and it worked great.  We got two years of use out if it and just bought a new one baby number two. Other than a comfy changing pad and cover, I recommend having several changing pad liners.  These will keep you from having to wash your changing pad cover overtime you have a little mess- which is quite often.  When it comes to your changing table we always have California Baby diaper wash,Boudreaux’s  diaper cream Burts Bees ointment   and Clearly Herbal wipes on hand.  We tried several different wipes, and these Clearly Herbal wipes have been our favorites.

GROOMING:  Taking care of your tiny little infant can be daunting, so having the right tools on hands is key.  Buzz B electric nail trimmer takes the stress out of trimming those tiny newborn nails.  The funny thing about newborns is you have no idea what kind of hair they will have if any.  I remember the first thing the doctor said about Liza was “look at all that hair!” I love this brush set because it has something for everyone and the soft bristles are great for preventing cradle cap.  The ARC instant no touch thermometer is accurate and easy to use and the Nose Frieda is a million times easier to use than bulb syringe.

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