There are few things better than a great night’s sleep, especially when you have two kids under three .  When Annabelle started sleeping through the night consistently a few months ago, Walker and I decided it was time for us to make some changes in our sleep.  When I was pregnant with Liza and researching crib mattresses three years ago, I realized how toxic mattresses can be- including the one we slept on nightly.   Some manufacturers are dousing their mattresses in toxic flame-retardant materials, some which are not well regulated. Breathing in toxic chemicals on top of dust, mold, and other things that collect in your mattress over the years all night long has short term and long term health benefits.   After knowing this getting a safer mattress in our bedroom was a must, but we were worried that an organic cotton mattress might not be supportive enough for Walker’s back.  Luckily after weeks of research we landed on the Zenhaven mattress, which has been supportive yet so comfortable.  Thank’s to Zenhaven, we’ve entered nontoxic mattress heaven and have been waking up up rested and feeling great.

The Zenhaven is a natural latex mattress that offers many health benefits such as being naturally hypoallergenic, dust must resistant and antimicrobial. With Zenhaven, you can be assured that you’re getting the healthiest sleep of your life, now and for 20 years to come.  Not only is the mattress nontoxic, but it provides you with the best sleep possible by improving circulation, regulating your body temperature and offering pain relief in your joints and back.   One of my favorite things about the mattress is it offers two levels of comity.  One side is luxury plush and the other gentle firm, so you all you have to do is flip your mattress over to change your level of firmness.  The outer layer  on both sides is made with 100% New Zealand wool which is naturally flame retardant and extremely breathable. Beneath the wool lies the 5 zone latex design, which offers you support where you need it.

Believe me when I say this is the safest and most comfortable mattress on the market.  And while you think this level of luxury would cost a small fortune,  Zenhaven specializes in making luxury mattresses affordable. Similar mattresses at a large retail store can cost more than twice what the Zenhaven mattress costs! They also offers a 120 day in home trial, so there’s no reason to not give it a try.  Invest in your health today with a Zenhaven mattress, and be sure to tell me how much you love it!




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