One of my biggest struggles as a mom is nursing.  It doesn’t come easily to me, and every day is a serious effort to keep up my supply. I tell people it really is like having another child.  So many of my decisions revolve around nursing, and my body still doesn’t feel like it’s my own.  But the good definitely outweighs the bad, and it’s an amazing feeling knowing you are providing everything your baby needs. With Liza my supply dropped dramatically around 3 months, and after a month-long struggle we went to formula full-time.  Nursing is going better the second time around with Annabelle, but I still struggle with keeping my supply up sometimes.  After a few months I started working out consistently again, and I noticed a huge decrease in my supply .  While I’m most definitely not an expert in this area, here is I what I’ve learned from my experience two babies…

  1.  Hydrate-  you need a ton of water.  Especially when you begin to exercise again, you will easily become dehydrated.  If you start to get a little headache, you know it’s time to reach for your water.  I never leave the house without a big cup of ice water!
  2. Eat small meals more often-  I noticed when I tried to watch what I ate, my weight didn’t budge.  Yes you burn a tun of calories breastfeeding, but those calories need to be replaced.  If you don’t have enough calories in your diet,  your body will cling to whatever calories you do have, slowing down your metabolism.  No bueno. I found when I started eating 5- 6 smalls meal a day, and added 150 to 200 extra calories, my weight started to drop (a little).
  3. Hormones are a bitch- no matter how hard you try you may not loose weight while breastfeeding.  Everyone’s body responds differently, so you may have to wait until your baby weans to drop those last ten pounds (me!).  Also some of
  4. Lactation cookies- I didn’t really utilize these with Liza.  I thought, how well can they really work?  Well, the work very well.  Below is my go-to recipe that a friend’s night nurse had given her.  They are super tasty (hence the tiny hand reaching for one below) and work like a charm.



1 cup butter, softened
1 cup sugar
1 cup organic brown sugar
4 tbsp of water
2 tbsp flaxseed meal
2 large, omega 3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups whole wheat or almond flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
3 cups organic oats
1 cup of raisins
4 tbsp of brewer’s yeast
9 fenugreek capsules (empty from the capsules and discard)


Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Mix flaxseed meal and water, set aside. Sift together dry ingredients (flour, brewer’s yeast, salt, soda and fenugreek), set aside. Blend butter and sugars well. Blend in eggs, one at a time. Stir in flaxseed mix and vanilla, mix well. Add dry mixture in three equal parts. Stir in oats and raisins. Drop on baking sheet 1 inch apart. Bake for 10 – 15 minutes.


Enjoy! I eat three to five cookies a day, one as a mid morning or mid afternoon snack.


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