There are a lot of exciting things going on in Annabelle’s little world right now.  She’s learned to sit up all on her own, eats, crawls and plays side by side with big sister.  She’s a real baby now! There are a lot of things that I really love about newborns, but it’s so nice when they get to this point and they can entertain themselves and develop a little independence.  I do miss being able to set her down and know she won’t go anywhere, but she loves being able to crawl from toy to toy.  She is in such a good place, and I love watching her grow!

All is great it baby land except one thing- teething.  Believe it or not Liza didn’t get a tooth until 15 months and never had any teething symptoms, so we are facing this together for the first time.  Her tooth hasn’t come in yet, but we are in the throws of teething. I can’t see one yet, but when I run my fingers along her gums I can feel a little bump in the front.  It’s terrible watching them cry in pain and constantly trying to soothe themselves.  Our naps are cut short and we’re waking up at night- and I feel like I’ve tried everything!  Below I’m sharing a few things we’ve tried and our experience.

    • herbal remedies– I love peppermint and lavender oil for teething babies.  We all love lavender for its calming qualities, and it does wonders for  irritated teething babies.  You can also mix it with a carrier oil (a 1:3 ration) and rub it on the bottom of their feet.  Peppermint oil is favorite of mine and is great for relieving tender gums.  I mix a tiny drop with coconut oil and rub it directly on her gums.  But peppermint is super strong, so be sure to test it on yourself first to see if you need to add more coconut oil!
    • teething gel–  like most anything else, there are good teething gels and bad ones. Some contain a lot of bad ingredients, even the organic ones, so this teething gel is the only one I trust for my fam.
    • Amber–  I bought an Amber bracelet that I put on Annabelle’s ankle, and she slept great all day and night and seemed to have some relief.  Coincidence?  Maybe, but it doesn’t hurt to keep using it!  If you do go this route, I would recommend an anklet or taking a necklace off during sleep so it doesn’t become a choking hazard.
    • Tylenol– I really am not a big medicine person, but being in pain is the last thing anyone needs especially a sweet baby.  We use it sparingly, but Tylenol does seem to help when her pain is really bad.  If she’s had a really rough day and has  been in a lot of ongoing pain,  I will give her some before bed.  (But always consult your pediatrician first!)
    • Bread–  My friend who grew up in Europe said they use the outside of a baguette all the time for teething babies.  Pull out the soft middle out and let them gnaw on a big chunk of  the hard outside.  They love it.  Since it’s tough they won’t chew of big bites, so it’s not a choking hazard.  But be sure to keep an eye on them because it’s impressive how fast they can work it down to a bite size!
    • Teethers-  We love a good teether.  I have them stashed all over the house, in my purse, car, and stroller. They have been her favorite teething remedy thus far.  We alternate between chilled ones and regular ones throughout the day.  By far Annabelle’s favorites are this one and this one. I have one of these at home and one in my diaper bag because it doubles as a toy and a teether!  Here are all of our favorite non-toxic teethers….



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