As much as I love coloring my hair, my hair doesn’t share the love.  Over the last few years I had gone from super blonde, to dirty blonde over and over.  My hair was starting to look dull and lifeless (I’m sure going through two pregnancies and two c-sections didn’t help either).  I decided last year to quit highlighting my hair and let my current highlights grow out. Thankfully the “lived in hair color” look is still in style and my highlights had gotten closer to my natural color, so growing out the highlights hasn’t looked so bad.  Instead of highlighting my hair, I go in every few months for a gloss to help blend my roots and the old color, while also adding a little shine.  If you’re still with me through my riveting hair saga, lets talk about the main game changer.  Enter there miracle of  Olaplaex 3.

Once I had heard of Olaplaex, I quickly realized I had been living under a rock.  It seems this miracle hair mask had become a cult favorite of hair dressers and clients alike as soon as it hit the beauty scene a few years back.  So what exactly is Olaplex 3?  It’s more than just a conditioning hair mask, its actually a “bond multiplier.”  It claims to “reconnect broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair.”  In layman’s terms-  it limits damage during and after color.  Instead of simply moisturizing and conditioning your hair, it actually repairs it- and the result are real.  The first time I used it, my hair felt baby soft and laid perfectly without fly aways and split ends shooting off in all directions.  It gives you that fresh from the salon feel every week from home.  If you have color treated hair, Olaplaex is an absolute must.






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